Installing the sample dataset – Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

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Installing Place

Installing Place


Installing the Sample Dataset

The Place installation comes along with a sample dataset that can be used during
implementation and demonstrations. This dataset contains generic data and is
designed to work along with the default product configuration. The data files, along
with the necessary data load scripts, are included as part of the installation media.

When you run the Oracle Installer, the sample dataset does not get installed by default.
You must manually access and run the data load script to load the sample data.

You can find the sample dataset and the data load scripts at the following location in
your Place installation directory:



To load the sample data:


Navigate to the following location in the Place installation directory:



Run the following script:


Type N (No) for the confirmation messages that prompt you to install the
optimized history and retail data mart schemas.

If you want to load the data in a database, other than the database set up for the
application, you must modify the database schema locations in the following script
files: for business data schema for actual history data schema

If you are installing the Place application over an existing installation of Plan, you can
also modify the database schema locations in the following scripts to load the data in a
different database: for optimized history data schema for retail data mart schema


When you load the data or perform a full refresh of the

data, ensure that the First Create Date field (in the merchandise_
table) includes a valid date (as specified by your business).

The First Create Date field indicates the date when the merchandise was
created, and an appropriate value is essential for the forecast to
generate successfully.