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Installing Place


Oracle® Retail Place Installation Guide

Installing Place

Installing Place consists of the following tasks:

Accessing the Installation Software

Setting Up Your Installation Properties File

Installing Place in the Silent Mode

Installing Place Using the Graphical Oracle Installer

Installing the Sample Dataset

Accessing the Installation Software

In order to install Place, you first need to obtain the software media, available on a
DVD or on a secure URL in a ZIP file. This section explains how you can download the
Place software ZIP file from the Oracle E-Delivery site.

To download the Place software:


From the application server where you will be installing Place, open a browser and
navigate to the following URL:

The Oracle E-Delivery download page displays.


Select a language and click Continue.

The Export Validation screen displays.


Type the appropriate information in the following fields, and then click Continue.

Full Name

- Enter your full name.

Company Name

- Enter your company name.

E-mail Address

- Enter your e-mail address.


- Select your country.

License Agreement

- Click the check box.

Export Restrictions

- Click the check box.

The Media Pack Search screen displays.


Type appropriate information in the following fields, and then click Go.

License List

- Review the list to determine which Product Packs you need to


Product Pack

- Select Oracle Retail Applications.


- Select the desired operating system. Optional.

The Oracle Retail Place Media Pack screen displays.


In the Select column, click Download.


During the installation, passwords entered on screen or set up in the file get encrypted using the Password Security
Management module. For more information, see

About Password Security