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Lens-cleaning cloth

You can clean high sensitive lens surfaces with the
enclosed special microfibre cloth. it is suitable for
objective lens, ocular lens and spectacles.
Please keep the cloth clean, as dirt can damage
the lens surface. if the cloth becomes soiled it can
be washed in lukewarm soapy water and left to
dry. Please only use for cleaning lens surfaces!


We have designed all elements and surfaces
to require little care. to ensure the long-lasting
optical brilliance of your binoculars, you should
keep the glass surfaces free of dirt, oil and grease.
When cleaning the lenses, first remove larger par-
ticles with an optical lens brush. For the subse-
quent thorough cleaning we recommend breathing
onto the lens surface to form a coat of condensa-
tion and then cleaning it with a soft, moist cloth.
the housing is best cleansed with a soft, moist
cloth (don’t use the lens-cleaning cloth).

maintenance and care


You should keep your binoculars in their bag in a
dry, well ventilated, place.

if the instrument is wet,
it must be dried prior to
in tropical regions or re-
gions with a high degree of
humidity the best place to

store the instrument in is an air-tight receptacle
along with a moisture-absorbing agent (e.g. silica

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in the event of hard-to-remove dirt (e.g. sand)
the eye cups can be unscrewed and cleaned very