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Information tab

The Information pages group consists of the following pages.

Device Status. This page shows the printer status and shows the life remaining of HP
supplies, with 0% representing that a supply is empty. The page also shows the type
and size of print media set for each tray. To change the default settings, click Change

Configuration page. This page shows the information that is found on the printer
configuration page.

Supplies Status. This page shows the life remaining of HP supplies, with 0%
representing that a supply is empty. This page also provides supplies part numbers. To
order new supplies, click Order Supplies in the Other Links area of the window. To
visit any Web site, you must have Internet access.

Event log. This page shows a list of all printer events and errors.

Device information. This page also shows the printer network name, address, and
model information. To change these entries, click Device Information on the Settings

Control panel. Click this button to view the current status of the printer control panel.

Settings tab

Use this tab to configure the printer from your computer. The Settings tab can be password
protected. If this printer is networked, always consult with the printer administrator before
changing settings on this tab.

The Settings tab contains the following pages.

Configure Device. Configure all printer settings from this page. This page contains the
traditional menus found on printers that use a control-panel display. These menus
include Information, Paper Handling, and Configure Device.

Alerts. Network only. Set up to receive e-mail alerts for various printer and supplies

Email. Network only. Used in conjunction with the Alerts page to set up incoming and
outgoing e-mail.

Security. Set a password that must be typed in order to gain access to the Settings and
Networking tabs. Turn on and off certain features of the EWS.

Other Links. Add or customize a link to another Web site. This link is shown in the
Other Links area on all embedded Web server pages. These permanent links always
appear in the Other Links area: HP Instant Support, Order Supplies, and Product

Device Information. Name the printer and assign an asset number to it. Type the name
and e-mail address for the primary contact who will receive information about the printer.

Language. Determine the language in which to show the embedded Web server

Time Services. Set the printer to retrieve the date and time from a network server at
regular intervals.


Using the embedded Web server


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