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About i.LINK



Interface on this unit is an

i.LINK-compliant MICROMV Interface. This
section describes the i.LINK standard and its

What is i.LINK?

i.LINK is a digital serial interface for
transferring digital video, digital audio, and
other data to other i.LINK-compatible device.
You can also control other device using the
i.LINK-compatible device can be connected
using an i.LINK cable. Possible applications are
operations and data transactions with various
digital AV devices.
When two or more i.LINK-compatible device
are connected to this unit in a daisy chain,
operations and data transactions are possible
with not only the device that this unit is
connected to but also with other devices via the
directly connected device.
Note, however, that the method of operation
sometimes varies according to the
characteristics and specifications of the device
to be connected. Also, operations and data
transactions may not be possible on some
connected device.



• Normally, only one device can be connected to this

unit with the i.LINK cable. When connecting this
unit to


-compatible device having two

or more


Interfaces, refer to the

operating instructions of the device to be connected.



• i.LINK is a more familiar term for the IEEE 1394

data transport bus proposed by Sony, and is a
trademark approved by many corporations.

• IEEE 1394 is an international standard standardized

by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics

About i.LINK Baud rate

The maximum baud rate of your camcorder is
i.LINK’s maximum baud rate varies according
to the device. There are three types.

S100 (approx. 100Mbps*)

S200 (approx. 200Mbps)
S400 (approx. 400Mbps)

The baud rate is listed under “Specifications” in
the operating instructions of each piece of
device. It is also indicated near the i.LINK
interface on some device.
The maximum baud rate for device that does not
have any indication (such as this unit) is
The baud rate may differ from the indicated
value when the unit is connected to device with
a different maximum baud rate.

* What is Mbps?

Mbps stands for “megabits per second,” or the
amount of data that can be sent or received in 1
second. For example, a baud rate of 100 Mbps means
that 100 megabits of data can be sent in 1 second.

To use i.LINK functions on this unit

For details on how to dub when this unit is
connected to other video device having an
i.LINK (MICROMV Interface), see page 75,
This unit can also be connected to other i.LINK
MICROMV Interface compatible device made
by Sony (e.g. a VAIO series personal computer)
as well as to video device.
Before connecting this unit to your computer,
make sure that application software supported
by this unit is already installed on your
Some i.LINK compatible video device such as
Digital Televisions, DVD recorders/players,
and DV recorders/players are not compatible
with MICROMV device because of the
differences in the signal specifications,
although they support the common MPEG2
format. Before connecting to other device, be
sure to confirm whether the device is
compatible with MICROMV device or not.
For details on precautions and compatible
application software, refer also to the operating
instructions for the device to be connected.

About the required i.LINK cable

Use the Sony i.LINK 4-pin-to-4-pin cable
(during MPEG2 dubbing).

i.LINK and

are trademarks of Sony