Sony DCR-IP1 User Manual

Page 4

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or bright points (white, red, blue, or green in color)
that appear constantly on the LCD screen.
These points are normal results of the manufacturing
process and do not affect the recording in any way.

• Exposing the LCD screen or the lens to direct

sunlight for long periods of time may cause
malfunctions. Be careful when placing the camera
near a window or outdoors.

• Do not aim at the sun. Doing so might cause your

camcorder to malfunction. Take pictures of the sun
only in low light conditions, such as at dusk.

Note on connecting other device

Before connecting your camcorder to other device
such as a VCR or a computer with an USB or i.LINK
cable, be sure to insert the connector plug in the proper
direction. If you insert the connector plug forcibly in
the wrong direction, the terminal may be damaged.
This may cause a malfunction of your camcorder.

Note on using this manual

• The images of the LCD screen used on this manual

are captured using a digital still camera, and thus
may appear different from what you see.

Notes on using the camcorder

• Hold your camcorder with your hand through the

loop of the hand strap as shown in the following

• Be careful not to touch the lens.
• When you are using the touch panel, place your hand

on the back side of the LCD panel to support it.
Then, touch the buttons displayed on the screen.

• You can change the language to be used for screen

display on your camcorder (p. 20).

• Do not hold the camcorder by the following parts.

Notes on handling the Handycam

• When attaching your camcorder to the Handycam

Station, insert your camcorder in the direction of the
arrow as shown in the following illustration. Be sure
to insert it all the way.

• When removing your camcorder from the

Handycam Station, hold both your camcorder and
the Handycam Station as shown in the following
illustration, and remove it from the Handycam



• When disconnecting the AC Adaptor from the

Handycam Station, hold both the DC plug and the
Handycam Station and disconnect the AC Adaptor.

• Be sure to turn the power of your camcorder off

before inserting it into or removing it from the
Handycam Station.

• You may not be able to attach your camcorder to the

Handycam Station when the jack cover on your
camcorder is opened.

Touch the button on the LCD

LCD panel

Battery pack