Troubleshooting, Overall operations – Sony DCR-IP1 User Manual

Page 84

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If you run into any problem using your
camcorder, use the following table to

troubleshoot the problem. If the problem
persists, remove the power source and
contact your Sony dealer.
If “C:ss:ss” is displayed on the LCD
screen, the self-diagnosis display function is
activated. See p. 91 for details.

Overall operations



Cause and/or Corrective Actions

The power does not turn on.

• The battery pack is discharged, running low, or not attached to the

cAttach a charged battery pack to the camcorder. (p. 13)
cUse the AC Adaptor to connect to the wall outlet. (p. 15)

• Your camcorder is not inserted to the Handycam Station correctly.

cInsert your camcorder to the Handycam Station correctly.(p. 4)

The camcorder does not operate even
when the power is set to on.

cDisconnect the AC Adaptor from a wall outlet or remove the battery

pack, then reconnect it after about 1 minute. If the functions still do not
work, press the RESET button using a sharp-pointed object. (If you press
RESET, all the settings including the date and time, except for the
Personal Menu items, return to the default.)

A clattering noise is heard when the
camcorder is handled with the
POWER switch set to CHG(OFF) or
the PLAY/EDIT mode.

• This is because optical functions on your camcorder use a linear

mechanism. This is not a malfunction.

The supplied Remote Commander
does not function.

cSet [REMOTE CTRL] on the

(STANDARD SET) menu to [ON].

(p. 69)

cInsert batteries into the battery holder with the + – polarities correctly

matching the + – marks. If this still does not solve the problem, insert a
new battery since the battery is dead. (p. 110)

cRemove any obstructions between the Remote Commander and the

remote sensor.

The camcorder gets warm.

• This is because the power has been turned on for long time. This is not a