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If you are playing back the pictures stored on a “Memory Stick Duo,” refer also to the “Memory Stick
Duo” section. (p. 88)

The power abruptly turns off.

• [A.SHUT OFF] in the the

(STANDARD SET) menu is set to

[5min]. (p. 70)
cWhen you leave your camcorder without doing any operation for about

5 minutes after you turn on your camcorder, the power will
automatically turns off. Slide the POWER switch down, then turn on
the power again, or use the AC Adaptor.

cCharge the battery pack. (p. 13)

The SteadyShot does not function.

cSet STEADYSHOT to [ON] in the

(CAMERA SET) menu. (p. 54)

The auto focus does not function.

cSet [FOCUS] to [AUTO] in the

(CAMERA SET) menu. (p. 31)

cThe recording conditions are not suitable for auto focus. Adjust the focus

manually. (p. 31)

A vertical band appears when
recording candlelight or electric light
in the dark.

• This occurs when the contrast between the subject and the background is

too high. This is not a malfunction.

A vertical band appears when
recording a bright subject.

• This phenomenon is called the smear effect. This is not a malfunction.

Tiny spots in white, red, blue, or
green appear on the screen.

• The spots appear when you are recording in [SLOW SHUTTR] or Color

Slow Shutter. This is not a malfunction. (p. 30, 33)

Picture appears too bright on the
screen, and the subject does not
appear on the screen.

cCancel the back light function. (p. 28)

The shutter sound is not heard.

cSet [BEEP] to [MELODY] or [NORMAL] on the


SET) menu. (p. 69)

Black bands appear when you record
a TV screen or computer screen.

cSet STEADYSHOT to [OFF] on the

(CAMERA SET) menu. (p. 54)

Flickering or changes in color occurs.

cThis occurs when recording pictures under a fluorescent lamp, sodium

lamp, or mercury lamp in the [PORTRAIT] or [SPORTS] mode. Set
[PROGRAM AE] to [AUTO] in the

(CAMERA SET) menu. (p. 51)

END SEARCH does not work

• The cassette is new and has nothing recorded.


Cause and/or Corrective Actions

Cannot play back.

cIf the tape has reached the end, rewind the tape. (p. 38)

Horizontal lines appear on the
picture. The displayed pictures are
not clear or do not appear.

cClean the head using the cleaning cassette (optional). (p. 103)

No sound or only a low sound is

cTurn up the volume. (p. 38, 40)
cWhen you are using an S video plug, make sure the red and white plug

of the A/V connecting cable are connected as well. (p. 45, 75)


Cause and/or Corrective Actions