Lcd screen recording – Sony DCR-IP1 User Manual

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LCD screen


If you are using a “Memory Stick Duo” for recording, refer also to the “Memory Stick Duo” section.
(p. 88)

The remaining tape indicator is not

cSet [

REMAINING] to [ON] on the

(STANDARD SET) menu to

always display the remaining tape indicator. (p. 68)

A cassette label is not recorded.

cSlide the write-protect tab to hide the red mark. (p. 96)


Cause and/or Corrective Actions

Indicators or messages are displayed
in a language you do not understand.

cSet LANGUAGE to the desired language. (p. 20)

An unknown picture appears on the

• The camcorder is in DEMO MODE. (The DEMO MODE is

automatically displayed when you leave the camcorder for 10 minutes
after setting the POWER switch to the CAMERA-TAPE mode without
inserting a cassette or “Memory Stick Duo.”) Touch on the LCD screen
or insert a cassette or “Memory Stick Duo” to cancel DEMO MODE.
You can also set [DEMO MODE] to [OFF] on the menu. (p. 61)

An unknown indicator appears on the

cRefer to the indication list. (p. 112)

The buttons do not appear on the
touch panel.

cTouch the LCD panel lightly.
cPress DISPLAY/BATT INFO (or DISPLAY on the Remote

Commander). (p. 43)

The buttons on the touch panel do not
work correctly or do not work at all.

cAdjust the screen (CALIBRATION). (p. 103)


Cause and/or Corrective Actions

The tape does not start when you

cSlide the POWER switch repeatedly to select the CAMERA-TAPE

mode. (p. 16)

cThe tape has reached the end. Rewind it, or insert a new cassette.
cSlide the write-protect tab to hide the red mark or insert a new cassette.

(p. 96)

cThe tape is stuck to the drum due to moisture condensation. Remove the

cassette and leave your camcorder for at least 1 hour, then reinsert the
cassette. (p. 102)


Cause and/or Corrective Actions