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Usable cassette

Your camcorder is based on the MICROMV
format. You can use only the MICROMV
format cassette. Use a cassette with the


, and


trademarks of Sony Corporation.

Copyright signal

When you play back

If the cassette you play back on your camcorder
contains copyright signals, you cannot copy it to
a tape in another video camera connected to
your camcorder.

When you record
You cannot record software on your
camcorder that contains copyright
control signals for copyright protection
of software.

[Cannot record due to copyright protection]
appears on the LCD screen, or on the TV screen
if you try to record such software.
Your camcorder does not record copyright
control signals on the tape when it records.

Notes on use

To prevent accidental erasure

Slide the write-protect tab on the cassette to
expose the red mark.

When labeling the cassette

Be sure to place the label only on the locations
as shown in the following illustration so as not
to cause malfunction of your camcorder.

After using the cassette

Rewind the tape to the beginning to avoid
distortion of the picture or the sound. The
cassette should then be put in its case, and stored
in an upright position.

When the micro Cassette Memory
function does not work

Reinsert the cassette.

Red mark hidden: Can
be recorded.

Red mark exposed:
Cannot be recorded

labeling position

Do not put a label
along this border.