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Quick Reference

Quick R






Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not
recharge, disassemble or dispose of in fire.


Notes on the Remote Commander

• When the lithium battery becomes weak, the

operating distance of the Remote Commander may
shorten, or the Remote Commander may not
function properly. In this case, replace the battery
with a Sony CR2025 lithium battery. Use of another
battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.

• A button-type lithium battery (CR2025) is used in

the Remote Commander. Do not use batteries other
than CR2025.

• Point the remote sensor away from strong light

sources such as direct sunlight or overhead lighting.
Otherwise, the Remote Commander may not
function properly.

• When you are operating with the Remote

Commander supplied with your camcorder, your
VCR may also operate. In that case, select a
commander mode other than VTR 2 for your VCR,
or cover the sensor of your VCR with black paper.