Getting started, Step 1: checking supplied items – Sony DCR-IP1 User Manual

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Getting started


Getting started

Step 1: Checking
supplied items

Make sure you have following things
supplied with your camcorder.

The number in parentheses indicates the number
of that item supplied.

“Memory Stick Duo” 8MB (1)

You can use only a “Memory Stick Duo,” which is
about half the size of an ordinary “Memory Stick,” in
your camcorder. See page 97 for details.

Memory Stick Duo adaptor (1)

If you attach a Memory Stick Duo adaptor to a
“Memory Stick Duo,” you can use a “Memory Stick
Duo” with any of the devices compatible with an
ordinary “Memory Stick.”

AC Adaptor (1)

Power cord (1)

Handycam Station DCRA-C100 (1)

Wireless Remote Commander (1)

A button-type lithium battery is already installed.

A/V connecting cable (1)

USB cable (1)

Hand strap (1)

Attached to the camcorder.

Rechargeable battery pack NP-FF51 (1)

The silver-colored model of battery pack NP-FF51 is
sold only with the camcorder.

Battery terminal cover (1)

Attached to the camcorder.

CD-ROM “SPVD-010 USB Driver” (1)

CD-ROM “MovieShaker Ver.3.1 for

Cleaning cloth (1)

Camera Operations Guide <This
manual> (1)

Computer Applications Guide (1)

MovieShaker Application Guide (1)