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(2) Remote printer send function

This function allows partial food orders to be sent to the remote printers.

Which printer to receive the order is selectable.

The function is intended to allow the cooking staff to begin preparing certain items before

the entire order is given.


**Case 2)

NK: 1-9

(Item entry)

*Case 1)


*Case 1)

A partial food order is sent to one or several remote printers which has been specified by

the department/PLU programming.

**Case 2)

A partial food order is sent to the remote printer specified by the system presets.

(3) Priority printing function

It is desirable for the cooking staff to see the order items that require the longest cooking

time at the top of the kitchen chit. This function can send food items in the programmed

order of priority by assigning PLUs to priority groups (1 - 9). Group-1 is the highest priority

and Group-9 is the lowest.

If an error occurs in data output to a remote printer, a corresponding error message

appears on the display and the data output to the remote printer is printed on the chit


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