Transmission error occurs — master and satellite – Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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4. Specifying whether to enable or disable the system retry

function when a transmission error occurs — master and satellite

You can specify whether the system retry function is disabled or enabled if the communication

between machines does not end successfully.


Turn the mode switch to the PGM2 position.


Select “INLINE SETTING” and press the [ENTER]


The INLINE SETTING menu will open.


Move the cursor to the “SYSTEM RETRY” line.

Select “DISABLE” or “ENABLE” with the [ • ] key

(toggle key) and press the [CA/AT] key.

Then, press the [CANCEL] key to return to the PGM2

mode menu.


If the system retry function is enabled, a transmission job that has ended with an error will not

be finalized immediately. The master waits for a selection of one of the three commands

(RETRY, ABORT and IGNORE) through the keyboard. Then the master retries access to the

satellite that has caused the transmission error or terminates the access as a successful or

unsuccessful transmission depending on the selection made.

If the function is disabled, the job is terminated immediately.

The default setting is “ENABLE.”

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