Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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3. Close store operation (PGM2 mode) — master and satellite

When the close store operation is performed at the master, the inline system is closed and the

registration function becomes unavailable at all the machines in the inline system. It should be

noted that for the close store operation, all the satellites must be in their SIGN-OFF state. After

this operation, the communications between the master and satellites which have been enabled

with the open store operation are disabled. The master, however, can download preset data and

reset the sales data of the satellites.

In the close store state, key operations in the REG or MGR mode is invalid.

Menu selection

Select CLOSE STORE from the PGM2 mode menu and

press the [ENTER] key.


You can also perform the close store operation at each satellite. Once the close store

operation is performed at a satellite, you can no longer make registrations at the satellite.

If a satellite is in the SIGN-ON state, the master encounters an error and displays the machine

number of the satellite.

When the close store operation is performed, the data remaining in the T-LOG buffers of all

the satellites is collected by the master.

If a transmission error occurs during the close store operation, the master displays and prints

(journal printer) the machine number of the satellite that has encountered the error.

In this case, a prompt to attempt a retry is displayed when the system retry has been enabled.

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