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6. Choosing whether to search the master or satellite first for

the PLU/UPC code — satellite

At a satellite, you can choose which machine, either the master or the satellite, should be

searched first for the PLU/UPC code. If you specify that the master should be searched first and

enter the PLU/UPC code, the master is first searched and then the satellite is searched, and

vice versa.

However, either choice of search order made at the master is invalid. In other words, even if you

specify at the master that the satellite should be firtst searched, the master will be first searched.


Turn the mode switch to the PGM2 position.


Select “INLINE SETTING” and press the [ENTER]


The INLINE SETTING menu will open.


Move the cursor to the “LOOKUP ORDER” line.

Select “MA” (Master) or “SA” (Satellite) with the [ • ]

key (toggle key) and press the [CA/AT] key.

Then, press the [CANCEL] key to return to the PGM2

mode menu.

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