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4. Sign-on operation (server assignment) (REG mode/MGR mode)

The sign-on operation is intended to assign a server to a machine (satellite or the master) and

enable him or her to perform entry operations at the machine.

If a server successfully signs on at a machine, his or her server number appears on the LCD of

the machine.

The server memory is under the control of the master.

The sign-on operation can be done whether the machine is in the open store or close store

state. If the sign-on operation is done at a machine that is in the close store state, registrations

cannot be made at the machine due to the close store condition.

Sign-on procedure

(This procedure is the same as for server assignment at a standalone machine.)

(using menu)


Enter your server code and press the [SERV#] (or

[CASH#]) key.


The pop-up window for the secret code will open if

secret code is programmed. Enter your secret code

and press the [ENTER] key.


The pop-up window for the drawer number will open if

drawer number entry is compulsory. Enter your drawer

number and press the [ENTER] key.


The sign-on operation can be made only for one server at a time.

If a server attempts to sign on when another server has already signed on, an entry error will

occur (when the stay-down server sign-on has been preset).

Every server that is preset in the system can sign on at any machine.

If a server has signed on at a machine, that server cannot sign on at any other machine in the

system until he or she signs off at the original machine.

In case of trouble, the sign-on state can be cleared at the master. (Please consult your

authorized SHARP dealer for further details.)

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