Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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2. Open store operation (PGM2 mode) — master and satellite

When the open store operation is performed at the master, the IRC system is opened and the

registration function becomes available at all the machines in the IRC system.

The following types of communications between the master and satellites are allowed;

From the master to the satellite

• Sending a request for the satellite to receive data (T-LOG polling)

• Sending a response to inquiry from the satellite

From the satellite to the master

• Sending a request for T-LOG polling

• Sending data to the T-LOG buffer

• Sending a request for updating of the GLU/PBLU file

• Inquiring for data on the GLU/PBLU and customer files

Open store procedure (PGM2 mode)

Select OPEN STORE from the PGM2 mode menu and

press the [ENTER] key.


You can also perform the open store operation at each satellite. Once the open store

operation is performed at a satellite, you can make registrations at the satellite. When you

perform the open store operation at the satellites, T-LOG polling will not take place.

The open store operation cannot be performed at any machine whose terminal number has

not been programmed.

If a transmission error occurs when the open store operation is being performed, the master

displays and prints (journal printer) the machine number of the satellite that encountered the

error. When the master has been programmed to enable the system retry function*, a prompt

to retry the open store operation will be displayed.

* For the system retry function, please refer to pages

57 - 58


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