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8. Downloading the contents of the IRC programming to

satellites — master

When you have completed or changed the IRC programming, distribute the IRC preset data

from the master to all satellites in the IRC system.

(1) Initial downloading

For initial setup of the IRC system, use this downloading method. The preset data in the

master is downloaded to each satellite, when the existing preset data in the satellite is



Turn the mode switch to the PGM2 position.


Select “INITIAL D/L” and press the [ENTER] key.

The INITIAL D/L menu will open.


In order to distribute all preset data files in the master
to satellites, select “ALL PGM” and press the [ENTER]
In order to distribute an individual preset data file,
select the corresponding item and press the [ENTER]
For initial downloading of PLU preset data, it is
necessary to enter the code range and machine
numbers to receive the data.
NOTE: “27 ALL PGM” will clear the satellite’s



If you wish to download the IRC programming data to

all satellites, select “ALL” and press the [ENTER] key.

If you wish to download the data to certain satellite(s),

select “MACHINE SELECT” and press the [ENTER]

key. In this case, the “MACHINE SELECT” menu will

open. Move the cursor to the corresponding machine

numbers, select “YES” by using the [ • ] key to toggle

your selection, and press the [ENTER] key.


Check the contents of the programming of all the satellites in the IRC system that have received

the preset data.

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