Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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5. Specifying the terminal to serve as a back-up master — master

You can assign one satellite to the function of a back-up master. If the master fails during guest

check operation, the assigned terminal will perform the master’s function.

A machine number within the range from 1 to 999999 can be entered.

If zero is entered, there will be no back-up master in the IRC system.

This job can be done in the INLINE SETTING window of the master.

The default setting is 0 (no back-up master).


Turn the mode switch to the PGM2 position.


Select “INLINE SETTING” and press the [ENTER]


The INLINE SETTING menu will open.

Then, press the [CA/AT] key twice to appear “BMA

MACHINE” line.


Enter the machine number of the terminal to serve as

a back-up master and press the [ENTER] key.

Important note:

To insure which satellite should be selected and to

perform additional set up requirements, please consult

your authorized SHARP dealer.


The DECLARATION functions in the PGM2 mode enable the back-up master or the master to

declare to be the master when the master or back-up master breaks down, and inform satellites

of the master’s or back-up master’s recovery.

For details of these functions, see “Master declaration” and “Recovery declaration” on pages


- 53


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