Consolidated reports — master/back-up master, 1) report generation procedure – Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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3. Consolidated reports — master/back-up master

(1) Report generation procedure

To generate respective reports, use the following procedure, referring to the list of

consolidated reports on the following pages.


Turn the mode switch to the required position (OPXZ,

X1/Z1 or X2/Z2).


Select “SYSTEM X” or “SYSTEM Z” depending on

your need, and press the [ENTER] key.


Select the type of report you wish to generate and

press the [ENTER] key or enter the corresponding

report type No. (2-digit) shown on the display. (If the

desired type of report is not listed on the display, scroll

up or down the screen.)


If you need to enter data to generate the report, follow

the instructions given on the display for entry.


If you wish to generate a report on all the machines in

the system, select “ALL” and press the [ENTER] key.

If you wish to generate a report on specific machines,

select “MACHINE SELECT” and press the [ENTER]

key. In this case, the MACHINE SELECT window will

open. Move the cursor to the machine number, select

“YES,” and press the [ENTER] key.

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