Warranty, Maintenance – IKA VORTEX 3 User Manual

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Changing attachments

Using inserts

The appliance is maintenance-free.


Only use cleansing agents which have been recommended by IKA

Use to remove:


isopropyl alcohol

Construction materials water containing tenside/ isopropyl alcohol

water containing tenside/ isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside


water containing tenside

- Do not allow moisture to get into the appliance when cleaning
- Wear protective gloves during cleaning the devices.
- Before using another than the recommended method for clean-

ing or decontamination, the user must ascertain with IKA that
this method does not destroy the instrument.

- The rubber of the attachments’ pads (VG 3.2 and VG 3.3) is a

natural product, so talcum can discharge. Clean the rubber pad
with glycerin.

Spare parts order
When ordering spare parts, please give:

- Machine type
- Manufacturing number, see type plate
- Item and designation of the spare part,

see www.ika.de, spare parts diagram and spare parts list


In case of repair the device has to be cleaned and free from any
materials which may constitute a health hazard.

If you require servicing, return the appliance in its original packa-
ging. Storage packaging is not sufficient. Please also use suitable
transport packaging.

In accordance with IKA warranty conditions, the warranty period
is 24 months. For claims under the warranty please contact your
local dealer. You may also send the machine direct to our works,
enclosing the delivery invoice and giving reasons for the claim.
You will be liable for freight costs.

The warranty does not cover wearing parts, nor does it apply to
faults resulting from improper use or insufficient care and main-
tenance contrary to the instructions in this operating manual.



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DIN 965/
ISO 7046