Unpack correct use, Commissioning – IKA VORTEX 3 User Manual

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mains voltage.

Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and impacts.
The appliance may only be opened by experts.

• Unpack

- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a fact report must be set

immediately (post, rail or forwarder)

• Delivery scope

- Shaker Vortex Genius 3
- Standard attachment VG 3.1
- Operating instructions

• Use

For mixing liquids

- Touch mode for single test tubes
- Continuous mode for single or several vessels

• Range of use

- Laboratories

- Schools

- Pharmacies

This device is suitable for use in all areas except:
- Residential areas
- Areas that are connected directly to a low-voltage supply network

that also supplies residential areas.

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is
operated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended
by the manufacturer or if the appliance is operated improperly con-
trary to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Correct use










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