Messaging, Modules grouping – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.5 User Manual

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This group helps:

Set the GSM gateway to send/receive SMS via SMTP/POP3 or SMPP
Define the routing rules for incoming and outgoing SMS messages
Check the GSM gateway SMS database filling capacity

Modules Grouping

Global settings

SMS server enabled

– enable/disable the SMS server at the GSM gateway

(keep disabled if you select another SMS processing method).

– set the maximum

AutoCLIP routing expires [hours] (1-10000, 0=off)
time for keeping of the automatic SMS routing record (response) in the AutoCLIP

Modules to SMS groups assignment

This section helps you assign GSM modules to SMS groups (according to the GSM
provider, e.g.) to facilitate incoming/outoging SMS routing.

SMS groups to User groups assignment

This section helps you assign SMS groups to User groups for SMS sending/receving
purposes. The GSM gateway can contain up to four User groups.


This service is file-licensed. Refer to

for the

Management Licence key

current GSM gateway licence details.


0=off means disabled expiry, i.e. records are saved into the AutoCLIP
routing table for an indefinite period of time. Therefore, make sure that
the routing priorities are set properly for incoming SMS. Refer to

for details.

Incoming SMS routing