Digital instant read thermometer – Salter 544 HBSSCR Heston Blumenthal Precision Instant Read Digital Thermometer User Manual

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Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Your new thermometer is ideal for checking

internal temperature of meats, poultry, fish,

desserts, confectionary, barbequed food, and

much more…

Please read this instruction manual before use.

Keep these instructions for future reference.


1. Press button on back of product to switch on.

2. To maximise battery life press button after

use to switch off.

Auto switch-off occurs 15 mins after idle.


The thin tip of the probe measures the current

temperature as displayed on the LCD.

The thermometer always displays the current

temperature (it does not lock to a reading).

1. Press button on back of product to switch on.

2. To measure the temperature, gently insert the

tip of the probe into the centre (thickest part)

of the meat/food.

Ensure the probe is not in contact with bone, fat

or gristle as this will affect the validity of the


3. The LCD will show the current temperature at

the end of the probe (it may take a few seconds

to reach its final temperature).

Always clean between each use. Do not leave the

thermometer in oven while cooking. Do not use the

thermometer to lift or turn food items.


For your guidance, the temperature chart at the

back of this booklet shows meat temperature

recommendations from both Heston and from the

USDA*. Heston’s temperatures are often slighter

lower and are specifically developed to give the

best possible taste and texture result for each

food type. However, it is important to understand

that if you choose to use temperatures lower than

the USDA guidelines, there may be a greater health

risk involved; particularly when cooking meat,

poultry & fish. Use of fresh ingredients and safe

food handling is very important. The manufacturer

accepts no responsibility or liability for food borne

illnesses which may occur from food prepared

using this product or temperature charts.

* USDA = United States Department of Agriculture,

currently publishing the most detailed recommended



Once meat/poultry has reached its final

temperature, always rest for a minimum of

3 minutes before carving/ serving. For really

succulent meat that is easier to carve, Heston

recommends resting:

– Small cuts (eg: steaks, breasts & burgers) for

5 minutes.

– Larger cuts (eg: roast chicken & other roasting

joints) for 30 – 45 minutes.


1. Slide off and remove battery door.

2. Move switch to preferred setting.

3. Replace battery door.


1. Slide off and remove battery door.

2. Insert new battery (LR44), ensuring + symbol is

facing up.

3. Replace battery door.


Reduced LCD brightness = low battery. We

recommend changing the battery after 1 to 2 years,

to prevent batteries corroding in the product.

lower than -45C

over 200C


Temperature Range:

-45ºC to 200ºC (-49ºF to 392ºF)

Resolution: 0.1ºC/0.1ºF

Battery: 1 x LR44.


• We recommend that the thermometer probe is

sterilised before each use e.g. insert the stem

only in boiling water for a few minutes.

• Clean the thermometer body with a slightly

damp cloth.

• DO NOT immerse the thermometer in water or

use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.

• All plastic parts should be cleaned immediately

after contact with fats, spices, vinegar and

strongly flavoured/coloured foods. Avoid

contact with acids such as citrus juices.


• Always remove flat batteries immediately.

• Always wear a heat resistant glove when

handling the thermometer probe. WARNING HOT


• Do not immerse the thermometer body in

liquid, or splash any liquid onto this part.

• The thermometer is NOT suitable for use in a

microwave oven.

• DO NOT place thermometer inside oven or grill.


This marking indicates that this product

should not be disposed with other

household wastes throughout the EU. To

prevent possible harm to the environment or

human health from uncontrolled waste disposal,

recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable

reuse of material resources. To return your used

device, please use the return and collection

systems or contact the retailer where the product

was purchased. They can take this product for

environmental safe recycling.


This symbol indicates that batteries must

not be disposed of in the domestic waste as

they contain substances which can be damaging

to the environment and health. Please dispose of

batteries in designated collection points.


This product is intended for domestic use only.

Salter will repair or replace the product, or any

part of this product, (excluding batteries) free of

charge if within 2 years of the date of purchase,

it can be shown to have failed through defective

workmanship or materials. This guarantee covers

working parts that affect the function of the

product. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration

caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused

by accident or misuse. Opening or taking apart the

product or its components will void the guarantee.

Claims under guarantee must be supported by

proof of purchase and be returned carriage paid to

Salter (or local Salter appointed agent if outside

the UK). Care should be taken in packing the

product so that it is not damaged while in transit.

This undertaking is in addition to a consumer’s

statutory rights and does not affect those rights

in any way. For UK Sales and Service contact

HoMedics Group Ltd, PO Box 460, Tonbridge, Kent,

TN9 9EW, UK. Helpline Tel No: (01732) 360783.

Outside the UK contact your local Salter appointed