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Advanced Features



Video editing lets you refine your videos by
removing unwanted sequences from your tape,
or transposing one sequence with another.
This camcorder lets you monitor the source

program on the built-in LCD monitor without
having to connect it to an external TV or video

Connect the camcorder to a VCR with the
supplied audio/video cable, as shown.

Yellow: To video input jack

White: To audio input (L)Jack

Red: To audio input (R)Jack


To S-video input socket

-Audio/video cable (supplied)

- S-video cable (commercially available)

To S-VIDEO socket

Yellow: To VIDEO Jack

White: To AUDIO LJack

Red: To AUDIO RJack



• If your VCR has only one audio input Jack, use

the white plug for the audio connection on the


• If your VCR has an S-video input socket, you can

use a commercially available S-vIdeo cable for

the video connection. (The yellow video plug

does not need to be connected to the VCR.)

Cutting Unwanted Sequences


Play back the tape to be edited on the

camcorder, and locate the beginning
and end of the sequence you wish to
cut. Write down the time code reading at

the beginning and end of that sequence

(see page 46). Then, rewind the tape to
before the beginning of the portion that

you wish to keep.


Load a video cassette into the recording




► /

II on the camcorder to begin

playback, and then press the Record
button on the VCR to begin recording.


Press the Pause/Still button on the VCR

to pause recording when the source
tape reaches the beginning of the

sequence to be cut.


Press the Pause/Still (or Record) button

on the VCR to resume recording when

the source tape reaches the end of the

sequence to be cut.

To stop editing

Press ■ on the camcorder and press the Stop
button on the VCR.


• Some of the transitions between edited

sequences may be slightly off.

• There may be picture noise during video search

or still playback. This does not imply a defect in

the camcorder.

• The time code display will be recorded along

with the edited sequences if the TC OUT item is

set to "ON". Set to "OFF" before editing (see

page 46).


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