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Advanced Features


Editing with the DV Terminal


This camcorder enables you to perform digital
video editing. Connect the camcorder to video
equipment with a DV terminal using a commer­
cially available DV cable. A DV cable is able to

transfer all dubbing signals including video

and audio.

Video equipment

with DV terminal

(e.g. DV camcorder)

To DV terminal

• DV cable

(commercially available)

To Record to Video Equipment

See "Cutting Unwanted Sequences" on page

65, using the video equipment as the recording


• Make sure that the video equipment to which

you are recording can input dubbing signals via
the DV terminal.

To Record from Video Equipment


Set the camcorder to TAPE-VCR mode,

and insert a Mini DV cassette.


Begin playback on the video equipment

connected to the camcorder.

• Check the camcorder screen to see if

the picture is being properly received.


Press the REC START/STOP button on

the camcorder.

• The camcorder enters the Recording

Standby mode.



► / II

on the Operation button to

begin recording.

To stop recording

Press ■ on the Operation button.

Cutting Unwanted Sequences


Press ► / II to pause recording when the

source tape reaches the beginning of

the sequence to be cut.


Press ► / II to resume recording when

the source tape reaches the end of the

sequence to be cut.


• Make sure that the video equipment from which

you are recording can output dubbing signals

via the DV terminal.

• If the video equipment is not set to the playback

mode or the DV cable is not properly connected,

"NO SIGNAL" is displayed on the camcorder

• If no picture or sound is input to the camcorder

even if the DV cable is properly connected and

you are playing back the source media from the

video equipment, set the Power switch on the
camcorder to OFF and then back to VCR, or
disconnect the DV cable and connect it again.

• If a digital video recording with a copyright

protection signal is used as the playback source,

"COPYRIGHT PROTECTED." appears on the
camcorder monitor and the recording function is
disabled (see page 88).


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