I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 11

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o) Oil burner fan.
p) Check all bearing to ensure tightness on shaft and lubricate

if necessary.

q) Check ignition spark and adjust gap if necessary.


a) Perform the monthly quarterly maintenance recommended.
b) Inspect blower wheels and housing, clean if necessary.
c) Inspect all set screw on blower wheels and pulleys to ensure

that they are secured to their respective shafts

d) Check flame supervisor controller.
e) Inspect all operating and safety controls. clean and replace

if necessary.

f) Inspect and clean the collection and disposal systems to

ensure proper drainage.

NOTE: If ignition controller is replaced ensure the control

system is not exposed to water spray, rain or dripping water.

Refer to individual manufacturer’s literature provided for
maintenance requirements of optional equipment.

Power Venter Installation

The HTDM series may be equipped with a power vent system. Whnre

installing ensure that the factory supplied diverter box is
install on the unit, in series with the power venter.

a) Diverter box relief opening must be installed 10” from walls

and restrictions.

b) Mount power venter in desired location. NOTE: Refer to

manufactures installation instructions for vent length and

c) Power venter must operate for the individual unit only.
d) Wire power venter and safeties according to supplied diagram.
e) Verify all safeties. In the event of venter failure the

burner must become in active.

NOTE: For venting diagram see Appendix C.