I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 35

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board will be receiving and false temperature reading of -




3. Valve Error. This will occur if the ICECON II controller

loses communication with the ball valve. To operate the
controller must receive the feed back signal form the ball
vale whenever the ICECON II controller is powered.

4. Air Proving Error. If the signal from the tachometer is lost

the board will lock out on this condition. To check for
proper operation of the tachometer perform the Tachometer
test located in the following section.

5. Flame Detect Error. If the ICECON II controller has not

detected a flame (i.e. receiver a 24Vac signal on terminal

6. Setup Error. This error occurs when the Combustion points

have been incorrectly configured.

Figure 5