I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 29

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System Tune Interface

To access the combustion settings activate the tools pull down
menu and select the system tune option. The screen displayed in

figure 2 is now visible. Adjustments to the combustion curve can
be made to any of the six points. The previous screen will not be
updated until the user has left system tune mode.

The Fan box allows the adjustment
of the combustion blower set point at
one of the 6 set points. By adjusting
this value up or down the fan speed
can be increased or decreased. Each
point must increase in value or the
system will lock out in set up error.

The valve box allows for the
adjustment of the valve/gas
flow at the set point in
question. The value indicated
in this box will be the output
voltage to the modulating gas

When highlighted this
will proceed to the
previous point.

When selected the
program will move
to the next point.

Sends displayed values to
the ICECON controller.

Figure 3