I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 14

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1) Call For Heat

The ICECON 2 controller will indicate power by illuminating the
power LED (light emitting diode). The combustion blower is ramped
to full speed. Upon proof of closer of the modulating gas valve
the auto heating light is energized. 24VAC power is sent to the
purge timer coil. Upon the timing out of the purge timer the
combustion blower will ramp to minimum speed for trial for


2) Trial for Ignition

Upon timing out the combustion blower drops to low speed and the
ignition controller is powered. The pilot line solenoid is
powered opening the pilot gas flow to the burner. Simultaneously
the ignition controller initiates spark. . Upon proof of flame

ignition controller opens the main gas valves allowing gas to flow
to the modulating gas valve, simultaneously sending a 24VAC signal
to the ICECON2 controller. Upon receiving the 24VAC signal the
board will enter System Preheat.

3) System Preheat

System preheat is indicated by a flashing Heat Mode LED. During

this stage the ICECON2 controller will ramp the firing valve and
combustion blower to midrange without energizing the main supply
fan. Preheat lasts approximately 60 seconds. Upon completion of
the system pre-heat the main supply fan energizes and the unit
will begin to operate in one of the following modulation modes


1) Factory Set Discharge Temperature, no field adjustment.

The unit will adjust the firing rate to maintain the factory set
discharge temperature. The Power, Heat Mode and Auto LEDs are
illuminated to indicate this condition.

2) RTS (Remote Temperature Selector)

There are two temperature ranges for the RTS’, 40-90F and 90-120F.
The unit will modulate to maintain the temperature selected on the