I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

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be installed between the unit’s flue connection and the type “B”

NOTE: For venting diagram see Appendix C.


a) This unit has been examined and tested for compliance with

CSA C22.2 no.0, CSA C22.2 no.3 and the NED code.

b) All electrical work must conform to the requirements of the

current NEC and CSA standard C22.1, Canadian Electric Code
part I, and local ordinances.

c) Control voltage is as indicted on the rating plate.
d) Follow the wiring diagram supplied with the unit.
e) If a space thermostat is used with the furnace, locate the

thermostat so the cold drafts and hot discharge air streams
do not affect the performance of the unit. Do no mount the
thermostat on the casing of the unit, as it will be affected
by radiated and conducted heat. Refer to the instruction
furnished with the thermostat for further details.

f) If any of the original wires as supplied with the unit must

be replaced, it must be replaced with type TEW 105 degrees or
its equivalent except where noted.

g) Temperature controllers, limit controllers, remote selector

switches, door switches or any other auxiliary electrical
items must be connected to the terminals provided as shown on
the wiring diagram.

h) For units shipped in multiple sections, electrical

connections between sections are to be made by the installer
in the field.

i) Field wiring to be done by the installer is denoted by doted

lines on the wiring diagram. Solid lines on the wiring
diagram indicate factory wiring by the manufacturer.

j) The unit must be electrically grounded in accordance with

local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with the
National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, and/or the CSA.C22.1

Canadian Electrical code.

Due to the nature of transport check all bolts and

fasteners for tightness.


All gas piping should be in accordance with NFPA, National Gas
Code, and CAN 1-B149 with the regulation of local authorities
having jurisdiction. An emergency manual shut down valve shall