I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 28

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The Main Interface

This screen provides a view of the current settings contained in
the ICECON2 controller. Various control values such as the high
and low limits can be adjusted in this environment. The options
that the controller is currently configured with are displayed in
the upper right corner and are indicated by a check mark in the
corresponding box. The combustion curve settings, six in total,
located at the bottom of the screen cannot be adjusted in this

Factory Set Discharge

Factory Set High Limit

Factory Set Sae Shut Down

Factory Set Low Limit

Displays all six combustion
points from which the firing
curve is calculated.

Displays the corresponding
RPM value for each point of
the combustion curve.

Check boxes control which factory set
options have been selected and
programmed. Changing these will effect
the required inputs and outputs of the

Kp and Ki are factory set control
values that effect the system
response time and accuracy.

Figure 2