I/o view – I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

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I/O View

The I/O view option located in the tools menu is used as a real

time diagnostic tool. The system will communicate a provide
status of system safeties and operating points.

Air proving and flame
detect provide information
on the combustion blower
and flame signal. ON
indicates normal operation
while OFF will confirm a
loss of signal.

High Limit, Low Limit and
Ini Error indicate improper
operation of the unit. Off will
indicate normal operation will
ON signal a lock out
condition has occured.

The READ option will do a one
time real time read of the sytem
operation at that time.

5 SEC READ will perform a real time
read every five seconds after it is

The bottom four values
display the current
values of fan speed, valve
voltage, discharge
temperature and RSP.

Figure 4

ICECON II Configuration

The main configuration for the board is contained in the seven
check boxes located in the top right corner of the main screen.

1. ByPass System Preheat. Once checked the preheat cycle will

by eliminated. The preheat cycle will take place once main
flame has been established. The burner will be ramped to a
mid point in the firing range and remain there for
approximately 45 seconds. Once complete the output on J1-
5(usually used to energize the supply fan) will be energized.
The ICECON II controller is now ready for modulation.

2. RSP. Once checked the ICECON II controller will look for a

remote temperature dial for the temperature set point. The

remote temperature dials are available in two ranges 40–90



and 90-120


F. This is only used during standalone operation

and cannot be used when a building management system (BMS) or
other source is being used to provide the modulation control.
When not checked the ICECON II controller will maintain the
temperature indicated in the “Discharge Temperature” set
point box.