I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

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VII. Discharge Sensor and RSP (Remote Set Point) Test

Once the combustion curve has been set up and the board configured
for stand alone the operation of the discharge sensor and RSP must

be verified. To accomplish this the computer must be connected to
an active ICECON II controller. With the system in heat mode
activate the “Tools” pull down menu and select “I/O view”.

A new screen is no displayed. On the lower right there are three
buttons, “Read”, “5 second read” and “Exit”. “Read” performs a
one-time read of the variables. “5 second read” performs a read
function every 5 seconds. “Exit” closes the I/O screen. Click

the “5 second read” button.

Compare the value of the discharge sensor reading with a know

temperature. At this time if a discharge reading of 281


F is

displayed there is an open circuit in the discharge sensor circuit
and the unit will lock out on “High Limit Error”. The discharge

sensor reading should be stable with less than 1-2


fluctuations at

steady state conditions.

Turn the RSP counter clockwise until the physical stop is reached.

A value of 40 when a 40-90


F RSP is being used and 90 when a 90-



F RSP is used should be displayed in the RSP value (This may

take up to 30 seconds).

Turn RSP clockwise until the physical stop is reached. The upper
limit of the RSP should be displayed. Verify a mid point and

align the pot to the correct temperature scale position. To do
this, use a small screwdriver to loosen the knob and reposition
such that the arrow points to the correct temperature. Retighten
the knob.

The low temperature scale should have an ohm range of 0-5000

resistance range. The High temperature range RSP should have



resistance range.