I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

Page 9

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e) Lubricate (if necessary) the burner and main fan motors.

The specification on the motors for grease and oil shall
be adhered to.

f) Check heater outlets for obstruction.

g) Check all fuse blocks to determine that all fusing is


h) Set the operating controls (e.g. thermostat, remote panel

switches) so as to allow heating operation of the unit.

i) Reset the motor starter by pushing the reset button, if so

equipped. Ensure all blowers are rotating in the correct

j) Check building system gas supplies and be sure all lines

are purged of air.

k) Check building system gas supply pressure.


At maximum input the supply gas pressure must fall within the
range specified on the unit rating plate.

a) Check all piping for tightness and correct any signs of


b) Ensure purge timer is set to 70 seconds.


a) Refer to start-up check list and field report for correct

settings that are to be checked on the unit.

b) Check the supply fan motor thermal overload setting against

the rating plate figure.

c) Ensure burner on-off switch is in the “off”
d) Verify units sequence of operation corresponds to sequence

provided in the supplied literature.

e) Check supply fan motor amps against rating plate figure. If

actual figure varies by +/-20% from rating plate value, take
corrective actions with respect to duct work and accessories
external to the unit or blower/motor drive adjustments making

sure to follow manufactures rating for blower rotational

f) The thermal overloads must be set to appropriate motor

performance after all adjustments have been make.

g) Follow sequence and perform necessary steps to intiate burner


h) Once flame is detected the controller goes into "Power" and

“Heat” mode.

i) Check unit performance as described on the factory test

report, (include items such as stack temperature. CO-2 level,