I.C.E. HTDM Food Process Unit User Manual

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I. Programming the HTDM ICECON II controller.

To correctly configure the ICECON series of controllers the ICECON
software must be used to communicate with the controller. Factory

training is required. Changes to the control program can cause
poor combustion, improper or undesired operation.

Software identification

For the ICECON II controllers the icecon1.7b version of the
software must be used. This software can be identified by the
seven configuration check boxes in the top right hand corner of

the main screen. The original software only had 3 configuration

Setting up the Software

To establish communication ensure that the ICECON II controller is
in either “Stand-By” mode (indicated by flashing power led), in
“Heat Mode”(indicated by both “Power” and “Heat Mode” leds

illuminated) or locked in an error condition

When first installed the program will not be configure to your
system. To properly configure the software you must chose the
correct COM port for the serial cable connection on your computer.
To begin activate the “Settings” pull down menu and select
“ComPort”. Select the COM port if known.

If the COM port configuration on you computer is not known you
must connect to an active ICECON II controller. Once this is
accomplished activate the “Settings” pull down menu and select
“ComPort”. Begin by selecting the initial COM port “COM 1”.
Allow 30-45 seconds for the software to communicate. If the board
continues to indicate “Board not communicating” then try another
COM port.

If communication cannot be established ensure that only one
application of the ICECON software is running. Check that the
correct communication cable is being used (9-pin, straight through
cable with gender changer) and is connected to both the computer
and ICECON II controller.

Once configured the software will store the correct COM port.
This procedure will only be necessary upon initial installation of

the software.