Chaining offandtest sewing – SINGER 14U354B User Manual

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* When the machine is completely threaded, bring

all of the threads over the throat plate and slightly
to the left under the presser foot.

* Hold the threads and apply a slight tension.

* Turn the hand wheel toward you 2 or 3 complete

turns to start the thread chain.

* Lower presser foot.

* Continue holding the chain and press on the foot

control until the chain is 5

7.5 cm (2 ~ 3 inches)

in length.

* Place fabric under the front of the presser foot and

sew a test sample.


Do not pull on the fabric while sewing as this

may deflect the needle, causing it to break.


* At the end of the sample, continue to run the

machine with the presser foot down until the
chain reaches 5 ~ 7.5 cm (2

3 inches) in length.

* Clip the thread chain.


Anytime you have rethreaded the machine

always chain off and sew a test sample to test
tensions and make adjustments as necessary.


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