Turning square corners, 1) outside corner, 2) inside corner – SINGER 14U354B User Manual

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* Fold the fabric with the wrong sides together and


Press the pin tucks in the same direction.



Outside Corner

* Cut out approximately 2 cm (51/64 inch) from

the corner, in line with the overedge seam edge.

* Sew one stitch beyond point (A) and stop.

* Raise needle and presser foot.

* Pull the fabric to the rear of the machine just

enough to release the thread caught on the finger

of the throat plate.


Presser foot has been removed to show detail.

* Turn the fabric and lower the presser foot so that

the knife is positioned in line with the cut edge.

* Pull slack threads up, then start to sew.


Inside Corner

* Cut fabric at seam edge,


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