innovaphone myPBX Version 10 User Manual

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Operating manual: innovaphone myPBX

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If you have not yet set-up your myPBX programme, please proceed firstly to the
Configuration chapter at the end of this manual.

Making calls

Incoming calls are displayed in the message area. If available, additional information such
as name and phone number of the caller is also displayed.

You can pick up the incoming call with the telephone. If you use the green receiver icon to
accept the call, your phone goes into hands-free mode.

Reject the call with the red receiver icon. The caller hears a busy signal.

Outgoing calls can be made using the Favourite list. Slide the mouse over the entries to
display the possible services for the subscriber. Click on the receiver icon to make a call.
Your telephone makes the call in hands-free mode. Pick up the receiver to terminate the
hands-free mode.

The phone number can be entered directly in the search field. Whilst you enter the number,
matching entries in the telephone directories are suggested. Press the Enter button to start

Any number sequence highlighted on the computer can be used by pressing the configured
hotkey (Function key F2 pre-installed).

Incoming call with external application

A separate icon can be seen on the desktop messaging area next to the green receiver icon
if an external application is configured that may be called up during incoming calls.