innovaphone myPBX Version 10 User Manual

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Operating manual: innovaphone myPBX

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URL: This contains the innovaphone PBX IP address. Ask your administrator if you want to
make changes there.

Alternative URL: The IP address of the redundant innovaphone PBX can be entered here to
increase fail-safety.

Hotkey: Is a key or key combination to start a myPBX action from another application. The
Hotkey is used if a phone number is to be pasted to the myPBX search field.

Hotkey action: is what should happen if the Hotkey is recognised.

Auto Appear Offline: If the computer has been inactive for a certain time, your Presence can
automatically be set to “offline”.

Language: The myPBX user interface is pre-set in line with the Windows language settings.
You can change the language here:

Docking: The myPBX window is a windows application that can be moved and resized as
necessary. You can dock the myPBX window to the right-hand or left-hand side of the
screen by pressing “Docking”.

Autostart: Once the Windows operating system is booted, the myPBX application starts

Start minimized: The myPBX application only starts in the Windows task bar. Click on the
System icon to open window.

Write trace: Traces can be written especially for error searches and can be interpreted by

Tab: External application