innovaphone myPBX Version 10 User Manual

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Operating manual: innovaphone myPBX

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Name: Any name for the application as it should appear in myPBX.

Path: Exact path to the executable program – for applications in Windows search path, the
file name of the file to be executed suffices.

Parameters: Parameters that can be set optionally: variable parameters from the connection
can also be used. The following parameters are available:

 $n: Call number of incoming call
 $u: URI of the incoming call
 $d: Caller name displayed
 $c: Ident. number of telephone conference

Example parameters for notepad.exe: c:/contact/$d.txt

Start with call: The application is started automatically as soon as a call is picked up. If you
have not selected this option, you may start the configured application with an incoming call
from the desktop message.