Gas hookup – Maytag JA580 User Manual

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Gas Hookup

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Hooking Up to the LP (Propane) Gas Supply

For Your Safety

1. WARNING : Never store or use gasoline or any
other volatile substance in the vicinity of this Grill.

2. WARNING : Never store a spare propane
cylinder in the vicinity of this Grill, or in the vicinity of
any other potential heat source.

LP (Propane) Gas Supply Connection

1. Always place the propane tank in the tank locator hole in the
bottom pan of the cylinder compartment.

2. Always confirm that all burner control knobs are in the OFF
position before activating the gas supply.

3. Always connect the gas supply regulator as follows :

• Insert the nipple of the valve coupling into the tank valve and
tighten the connection collar by turning it clockwise with one
hand while holding the regulator with the other, (see Fig. 4).

WARNING : Always conduct a leak test before lighting the Grill, to
prevent a possible fire or explosion (see page 5).

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