Care & maintenance, Cooking grids, Side burner – Maytag JA580 User Manual

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Care & Maintenance

Fig. 15

Adjust Shutter and
Keep Screen Clean

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Cooking Grids

The cooking grids have been porcelain enameled for durability and ease of cleaning. These Grills may be
cleaned with any nonabrasive cleaning agent formulated for kitchen use, or a brass wire brush.

NOTE : Always handle the grids with care, as porcelain enamel is susceptible to chipping.

WARNING : A clogged venturi tube can cause a fire to occur beneath the
Grill, due to a flashback of gas.

Use a wire brush to clean all ports on the sides of the burner (see Fig. 15).

Side Burner

Inspect the air shutter screen periodically (see Fig. 16)
and confirm that it is clear of food residue, cobwebs or
other insect debris. The Side Burner ignition electrode
delivers a spark to ignite the gas at the burner. Always
keep it clear of any buildup of foreign material, as that
can act as an insulator and prevent the burner from

Fig. 16

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