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One of the keys to extending your range of grilling capabilities is a fundamental understanding of the two
common methods of cooking, Direct and Indirect cooking.

In the Direct cooking method food is placed directly above the heat source. This method is used in searing
for example where you require high and immediate heat to quickly brown the outside layer of meats thereby
sealing in their juices to enhance flavor. On the grill this is accomplished using one or both of your main
burners and placing the food on the porcelain cooking grids directly over the burners. This may be done
with the grill hood either open or closed.

In the Indirect cooking method food is placed on the grill offset from the heat source . With the grill lid
closed reflected heat surrounds the food cooking it more evenly and gently. This approximates the action of a
convection oven where heat is circulated by the use of a fan to achieve a similar result. This method is perfect
for cooking roasts of any kind but is also useful whenever you want to slow cook or bake a wide variety of
foods. Indirect cooking on your grill is accomplished using one of the main burners and placing the food on
the porcelain cooking grid above the opposite burner, or on the warming rack burner. The grill hood should
always be closed when employing the indirect cooking method

Preparing Food for the Grill


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WARNING: Always observe safe food-handling and safe food-preparation practices when using this Grill, to
prevent food-borne illnesses :

• Always cook foods adequately. Undercooked foods can retain bacteria, especially if thawed or exposed to

warm conditions prior to cooking.

• Always use a meat thermometer to confirm that foods have been fully cooked.

• Always use separate plates and utensils for the handling of raw food. Never place raw food and cooked

food on the same plate, and never place cooked food on a plate that was used for handling raw food. Al
ways carefully wash all plates and utensils used to handle raw food before using them to handle cooked

• Always wash all vegetables, seafood and poultry before cooking.

• Always leave uncooked foods in the refrigerator until you are ready to start cooking.

• Always marinate meat in the refrigerator. Always dispose of the excess marinade, and never reuse it.

• Always preheat your Grill for 5 to 10 minutes before cooking, and clean off all grease and food residue

before using the cooking grids.

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