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Burner Adjustment

Fig. 18

Care & Maintenance

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Fig. 19

Venturi Tube



NOTE : It may be necessary to adjust the burners periodically, to
compensate for variables in gas characteristics. If you notice that
the burner flame pattern is irregular (see Figs. 9a, 9b & 9c) it
may be necessary to adjust the air shutter opening at the front of
the venturi tubes. The shutters are accessible under the control
panel at the front of the Grill (see Fig. 18).

Use a screwdriver to loosen the locking screws. Open the shutter
just enough to achieve the desired soft, blue flames. Make
adjustments in small increments and allow the burner to come
up to operating temperature (10 min.) before making further

If burners are removed for cleaning or adjustment, always
confirm that they have been reinstalled correctly over the valve
outlets (see Fig. 19). The valves should extend into the burner
venturis approximately 1/4".

Loosen the
Locking Screw

Turn Shutter
to Open

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