Safety, Danger – Maytag JA580 User Manual

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a) Do not store a spare LP - Gas Cylinder under or near this appliance

b) Never fill the cylinder beyond 80% full; and

c) If the information in a) and b) is not followed exactly, a fire causing death or serious injury may occur.

WARNING : Always confirm that the openings in the cylinder compartment of the Grill are free of any
obstructions that would restrict the circulation of ventilation air. Good ventilation will prevent any possible
accumulation of leaked propane vapor, which is heavier than air and which could explode if ignited.

NOTE : Always have a certified propane gas supplier inspect and requalify your refillable propane gas
cylinder prior to each refilling, in accordance with DOT or TC requirements for propane cylinders.


Always handle propane cylinders with great care, as the contents are under high pressure.

Always close the propane cylinder valve promptly after each use of the Grill.

Always store propane cylinders outdoors, in an upright, secure position, out of direct sunlight, away
from living quarters and in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area. NEVER STORE A CYLINDER IN A BUILD-

Always keep cylinders out of reach of children.

Always confirm that a valve dust cap has been tightly installed and that the valve itself is fully closed,
whenever a propane cylinder has been disconnected.

Always transport a propane cylinder in an upright, secure position, after confirming that its valve is

Always stabilize a cylinder so that it cannot move, when it is being transported in a car trunk.

Never transport a propane cylinder in the passenger compartment of a car or truck.

Never store a Gas Grill indoors, unless the propane cylinder has first been disconnected and removed
from the Grill.

Never expose a propane cylinder to any heat source, never apply heat directly to a cylinder and never
store a spare cylinder in the vicinity of this Grill.

Never paint a propane cylinder a dark color, as this can cause the cylinder and its contents to over-

The LP cylinder must be arranged for vapor withdrawal.


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