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Turning the Burners Off

Fig. 10

1. Always turn the burner control knob(s) to the OFF position when cooking has been completed.

2. Promptly turn OFF the gas supply valve at the propane cylinder or at the main natural gas supply line.

3. Close the Hood of the Grill.


“Flareups” sometimes occur when food drippings fall onto the hot sear plates or burners and ignite. Some
flaring is normal and desirable, as it helps impart the unique flavors associated with grilled foods. Controlling
the intensity of the flare-ups is also desirable, however, in order to avoid burned or unevenly cooked foods
and to prevent the possibility of an accidental fire.

WARNING : Always monitor the Grill carefully while cooking and turn the flame level down (LO), or OFF,

if flareups intensify.

Match Lighting the Main Burners

1. Always open the Hood completely and inspect the
Grill and burners to confirm that all components are
properly positioned, before lighting the main burners.

WARNING : Never stand with your head directly over
the Grill when preparing to light the main burners, to
prevent possible bodily injury.

2. Always confirm that all of the burner control knobs
are in the OFF position before opening the gas supply.

3. Always turn on the propane gas supply valve at the
tank (1 to 2 turns) or turn on the main natural gas
supply valve.

4. Insert a lit match or a butane lighter into the match
lighting hole located on the left hand side of the base,
(see Fig. 10).

5. Turn the left Burner Control Knob to the HI position
by pushing down on the knob and turning it counterclockwise.

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