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Control Functions


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Propane Tank Valve

WARNING : Never open the Tank Valve unless the Grill is being prepared for use, to prevent the pooling of
propane vapor.

Always open the Valve immediately before lighting the Grill, and always close it immediately after cooking has
been completed.

Burner Control Valves

On Model JA460, four valves independently control gas flow to each burner, as indicated on the front Control

On Model JA580 there are five independent control valves for the main burners, and a separate control valve
for the side burner (see Fig. 7).

The OFF position is indicated by the dot above each knob. A full range of flame adjustment is available from
High to Low, (by turning a knob counterclockwise).

Electronic Ignition System

As you push the Igniter Button, you will hear a series of clicks as the igniter module generates an ignition
spark to the burners. The burner should light within four seconds. The system is powered by a single “AAA”
battery (“AA” for model JA580). To remove or replace the battery, turn the push button knob counter
clockwise, and carefully pull out the spring and battery. Ensure that the positive end of the battery is in the
down (bottom) position before replacing the knob.

Fig. 7



BURNERS (4 or 5)

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