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Methods of Cooking

With its combination of burners and accessories your gas grill can provide for
virtually every conceivable style of cooking.

The powerful Main burners deliver the middle and high range of tempera-
tures desired for traditional barbecuing. This includes searing and finishing
steaks, hamburgers, pork chops and the like, or grilling chicken parts,
sausages, or kebabs with more moderate heat (see Fig. 13a).

The optional Side burner boils, sautés, stir fries or warms all with equal
aplomb. Plus its high power is more than adequate for deep frying seafood,
vegetables and meats or hard boiling soups, lobsters or corn on the cob
(see Fig. 13b).

The optional Griddle pan accessory extends your capabilities again. With this
item you can pan fry eggs and bacon, potatoes or seafood. Or if you prefer, use
it to grill fish steaks, other seafood or lamb chops.

Fig. 13a

Fig. 13b


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